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      Taizhou Yuanshan Shipping Project Ltd., Co.is located in Taizhou Haimen Harbour North Shore, brink of Taizhou Power Plant bell, park between two mountains (latitude 28 ° 41'30 .79 ", longitude 121 ° 27'23 .12"); Zhongshan Smart yellow shade trees and verdant wall cornices Pavilion, Park Hill handsome son at the top of Baita such as Bathing Slim; Jiaojiang Wang Dan in the South, a tidal channel, two to overnight, French Mountain north stand, the pleasant climate, beautiful scenery.

      New company was established in March 4, 2009, the registered capital of 30 million, total investment 120 million yuan, including fixed assets investment of 80 million, is the rise of Taizhou, Taizhou region is also the first organized by the foreign ship repair enterprises.

      The company is located Jiaojiang Road along the street before, covers an area 50,000 square meters of shoreline of about 350M, a sea area of 6,000 square meters, where the waters of the deep water can meet the needs of shipyard operations; has 10,000 ton dry dock (128.00m × 21.00m × 8.60m) One Block, II-ton dry dock (172.00m × 30.00m × 9.90m) One seat, dock lifting capacity were 32T/10T × 2 and 80T / 10T × 2; 2-ton ship-repair dock is configured 30/50 gantry cranes; 3000,1500 horsepower tugboat each one; oil company, including a water treatment plant, including ship repair services for the facility should be complete, and about 2500M ² production plant, then have the hull, machinery, electrical repair processing equipment and capabilities.

      "The technical quality of survival, quality services to create credibility" is the company's business purposes consistent! The company has a professional production and management team, and now employs nearly 300 people, including senior engineers, engineers, technicians, economists and other high-ranking technical personnel 30 people, more than 50 professional technicians, management personnel of more than 40 people. The company has the right of self import and export enterprise eligible. The company has a sound internal management system, including fire safety, Foreign business, office management, market development, quality management. In the internal management, we advocate "strict management, scientific management, according to management" model; enterprise management elements will be summarized as follows: to improve the quality of repairs to ensure production safety, reduce repair cycle, do a good job of quality services and reduce administrative costs.

      "Park Hill Circle Wuzhou friends dream, Zhongshan Zhong universal owners love!" Taizhou Park Hill Shipyard Limited have complete repair facilities for domestic and foreign ship owners to provide quality, efficient ship repair services; company is willing to exchange skills with peers, to seek common standards to improve aircraft repair, as owner to provide you better service and solve difficult problems.
      Park Hill now shipping engineering company to pursue "market-oriented, credit as the" business philosophy to "create Yuanshan brand, plastic-class corporate image," the principle of service to "unity and hard work, top-notch" entrepreneurial spirit, We do our best to provide quality services, in accordance with business planning blueprint, the courage to blaze new trails worked hard to continuously improve their core competitiveness, we can create a better future.

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